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10 Easy Ways to Motivate Yourself

Simple tips for self-motivation
Deepa Kartha
Experience tells us that having goals is easy, but staying motivated may not be so. Many times, we are unable to succeed because we did not work hard, even though our goals were clear. However, with consistent efforts, it is possible to motivate yourself and stay on top of the game.
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
Walt Disney
Find Your Reason
Knowing the reason behind doing something is all that it might take to succeed. Write down the reasons and stick it at a place where you can see it every day. It will take care of your motivation.
For instance, if you want to motivate yourself to study regularly, remind yourself of what you would be achieving by doing it. A good grade or admission into the most popular college could be some reasons.
Get Going
On days when you find yourself procrastinating, it is best to go on autopilot and start working; motivation would catch up with you!
Break Down Your Tasks
A huge task may seem overwhelming in the beginning. Hence, it would be best to break down the tasks into smaller and simpler ones. Make a to-do list of the same, and cross out each one as you finish.
Set a Timer
If imagining the long hours of studying or working is the reason why you do not feel motivated to start, set a time limit. For instance, if you are in no mood to workout, keep a timer of 20-30 minutes and workout during this time. You can slowly increase the time as you go.
Working or studying continuously can tire your body and mind. Hence, it is important to take regular short breaks. If you study for 3 hours, you can take a 30 minutes break to stretch yourself or have a snack. It would take away the monotony and motivate you to study more.
Take a Break
Get an Accountability Partner
Let a friend, family member or colleague know about your project and ask him or her to keep checking in to know your progress. The fact that you are answerable to someone would keep you motivated.
When work becomes boring or monotonous, plug in your earphones and listen to some peppy numbers. Studies show that music motivates a person.
Listen to Music
Read Motivational Books or Listen to Motivational Talks
When none of the self-motivational methods work, reading a motivational book can help you. Alternatively, lookup for a motivational speech or talk on the internet that would inspire you to reach your goal.
Distractions in the form of your phone or television can be a bane for completing your goals. Hence, try to keep them at bay when you are working, so that you can focus on your work completely.
Remove Distractions
Nothing works best than rewards when it comes to doing difficult work. Set small targets, and reward yourself with things like a piece of cake, a massage, a coffee or anything you like, when you complete your work on time.
Reward Yourself
The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
Mark Twain