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11 Ways to Improve Work Performance

11 Effective ways to enhance your performance at work.
Deepa Kartha
Work is an integral part of our lives. We work not just for money, but also to satisfy our creative instincts. While you may be on top of your game at your workplace, there is always room for improvement in your work performance.
How to Improve Work Performance
Most of us focus on improving our work performance before the performance evaluation, which happens every year. However, working on improving one's work should be a continuous process.
Set Specific Goals
You may want to be the CEO of your company in 10 years time. But have you considered how you would reach there? Setting smaller specific goals that would eventually lead you to your final goal, is the key.
Plan and Prioritize
Every successful person swears by planning and prioritizing as the driving force for his or her success. Do not get overwhelmed by your tasks. Rather plan your work by prioritizing your tasks and getting them completed on time.
Focus on Complex Tasks First
Difficult tasks can cause apprehension, making you lose focus on everything you do. The best way to tackle this is to identify complex tasks and do them first. Plan to do difficult tasks first thing in the morning, when your body and mind are fresh and alert.
Never underestimate the power of communication. Communicate effectively with your colleagues and team members. You can choose a good communication app that makes communicating with your team members quick and efficient.
Communicate Effectively
Stay Up to Date
Knowing about the latest news, innovations and trends happening in your industry is the true sign of a hard and serious worker. Read books, blogs, articles, etc. related to your industry; this would surely boost your performance.
In today's world, the mobile and the internet are a bane for our working life. To ensure that you give 100% to your work, it is important to avoid every kind of distraction that you see. While you work, keep your mobile aside and get rid of the urge to browse the internet, and focus on your work completely.
Get Rid of Distractions
Accept Your Weaknesses

Human beings are proud of their strengths and ashamed of their weaknesses. However, it is important to remember that no one is perfect. We must accept our weaknesses and work on making them our strengths.
Do Not Multitask
Once, multitasking was considered a virtue. However, not any more! Research has proved that multitasking does not let you complete any work efficiently. Instead, it would be best if you focus on one work at a time.
Learn to Say No
Taking up extra tasks is extremely crucial for your professional growth and development. However, you should not do it so much that you are overwhelmed with too much work. Hence, learn to say no, whenever necessary.
Always Complete What You Start
There are chances that what you started with enthusiasm is left halfway because it is difficult or due to lack of motivation. However, completing the tasks you begin, especially the difficult ones, would give you confidence and a sense of accomplishment.
Take a Break
There is no shame in needing a break. In fact, an overworked and exhausted mind can never flourish. Hence, take a break, go on a holiday and do something that you love to do, so that you can return to your work with more energy and enthusiasm.