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15 Best Boredom Busters for Kids

Simple activities to get rid of boredom!
Deepa Kartha
It is interesting and messy: two things that kids love! Give your kids a crash course on planting a sapling or a few seeds. The whole process of digging, seeding and watering would keep them busy for some time.
Reading a Book
Reading a book can never get out of style. When your kids complain of boredom, ask them to pick up their favorite book and read it again. Buying a new book or getting one from the library is also a good idea.
Cooking or Baking Together
Involve your kids in cooking. Be it the simplest task of washing the vegetables or a more complex process of cutting them, kids would be engaged and at the same time learn a new skill too.
Younger kids can be involved in baking. The processes of measuring, mixing and stirring the ingredients to make their favorite cakes and cookies would excite them. Give them a free reign while decorating the cakes and cookies.
Coloring or Painting
There is no boredom that a box of crayons or paint cannot get rid of. Rather than sticking to a coloring book, let your kids paint a canvas, a t-shirt, a mug or maybe even a pair of shoes.
Exercising or Yoga
Being cooped inside the house can cause lethargy; hence, it is important that kids receive the much-needed dose of exercise. Get them to do a few jumps and floor exercises. Introducing them to yoga and meditation would also be great.
Making a Scrapbook
Making a scrapbook can engage your kids for a few days. Help them pick up a theme and let their imagination run as they put together a scrapbook with pictures, drawings and stickers.
Playing Board Games
Board games are not only fun but challenging as well. Buy a few as per the age of your kids and play them together as a family.
Doing Household Chores
As it is not always possible to come up with games and activities, it would be a good idea to engage your kids in household chores. Doing laundry, washing dishes, folding clothes, dusting and cleaning not only keeps them engaged but also teaches them life skills.
Learning to Play Chess
Holidays are a great time to learn something new. If you haven't yet, teach your kids to play chess. It would keep them occupied and give their brains a much-needed exercise.
Indulging in Water Games
Rarely would you find a kid who does not like to play in water. Be it simply splashing in the bathtub or paddling pool, spraying with water guns or playing with water balloons, there are endless water activities that would entertain kids.
Writing Letters
Bring back the art of letter writing by asking kids to write a letter to their friends or family members. It would help enhance their writing skills as well.
Camping Indoors
If you cannot go camping outdoors, set up a camp indoors or in your backyard with a few tents or pillows and sheets. Have a bonfire and roast some marshmallows for an authentic camping effect.
Enjoying a Dance Party
When you are too tired to set up activities for your kids, just put up some peppy music and enjoy a dance party. It is not only a fun boredom buster but also a great workout.
Setting Up a Treasure Hunt
Kids of all ages love treasure hunt. You can make the treasure hunt complex and challenging as per the age of your children by providing them with maps and other clues.
Watching a Movie
While experts are against too much screen time for kids, you cannot ignore it completely. There is an array of kids' movies that are not only educational but entertaining as well.