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9 Fun Ways to Kill Boredom at Work

Deepa Kartha
Everyone has days in their work life when the brain shuts shop and productivity becomes zero. Most of the times, it is the brain's way of telling you to take a break. However, rather than getting frustrated and forcing yourself to concentrate, you can try some fun methods to kill boredom.

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Focusing on something else for a short time can help to refresh the mind and come back to one's work with more vigor and energy.

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"The Truth is that Everyone is Bored, and Devotes Himself to Cultivating Habits." - Albert Camus
Music is known to be therapeutic and listening to your favorite music can pep you like nothing else. If you are doing a mundane work, pop in that earphones while working, and you would feel that the work is no longer boring.

Listen to Music

With the internet your oasis, you can never get bored. So, when your heart is not in your work, explore the world of internet to check the latest news, read industry related blogs or may be watch an inspirational Ted talk. This could definitely boost your mood and motivate you to work.

Browse the Internet

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Take this chance to catch up on the book that you have been meaning to read for the longest time. It would be great if it is something related to your work. However, if even that feels boring, go for a fiction that would race your heart and mind and shake you from the stupor.

Read a Book


A neat and clean work space is important to have a clear mind to give your best. Hence, start de-cluttering by throwing away the papers and other things that you do not need any more. If you can decorate your space during the process, it would surely ignite your creative mind.

Change Your Location

Sometimes, you may be simply bored of your surroundings and a change of location can do wonders. Another spot in your office (the office lounge or a conference room) or at a cafe nearby can put your mind to work.

Make a To-Do List

Sometimes having too much on your plate could lead to lack of motivation to work. In this case, organize your thoughts and make a to-do list. Seeing the things that you need to do in the next few days would help you to prioritize and work towards it with renewed energy.

Learn a New Skill

With so many websites and platforms offering numerous online courses, joining one would not only help to get rid of your boredom but also aid you to learn a new skill that would boost your work life and career.

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Go for a Walk

Many times, you just need to move from your desk to shake the feeling of boredom. A walk around the office premises either alone or with a friend or colleague can help you tackle your work with full enthusiasm.

Take a Power Nap

If you are not able to work simply because you are tired and sleepy, a quick power nap would be a good idea. Set an alarm and doze off for 15-20 minutes. Even if you do not go to a deep sleep, this short nap would surely renew your spirits.
If boredom at work has become a permanent status for you, it may be your mind's way of telling you that it is time for a shift. In that case, update your resume and start looking for new opportunities.

Quit Your Job

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"The Cure for Boredom is Curiosity. There is No Cure for Curiosity." - Dorothy Parker