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Attitude of Gratitude

Maya Pillai
Being aware of the good things happening to you and taking time to appreciate them is gratitude. When you take time out to express appreciation and return kindness you received you are creating a grateful environment. Attitude of gratitude can bring in untold blessings
“If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share."  W.Clement Stone

Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude Facilitates Contentment

People who practice gratitude experience more happiness, joy and enthusiasm for life. They are better equipped to fight destructive emotions such as bitterness, envy and greed.

Able to Handle Any Situation with Ease

Grateful people are better equipped to cope with stress.  They happen to see the positive side of any given situation.

Enjoys Better Health

Grateful people experience robust health and also recover from any form of illness quickly. Remember, gratitude is nothing but affirmations and positive thoughts/emotions.

Gives you Better Sleep

Counting your blessing enhances better sleep. People practicing gratitude is known to fall asleep quickly and feel restful on awakening.

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Strengthens Relationships

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude brings people closer. They feel connected, very content and happier in their relationship with their intimate ones as well as close friends.

Encourages Paying Forward

Gratitude teaches compassion, empathy, helpfulness and generosity towards others.One of the attitudes of grateful people is "paying it forward."

Being Grateful is a State of Mind

Gratitude is a state of mind. Its an attitude. Murmuring, "I am grateful..." at the end of the day, is it enough to create an attitude of gratitude in your heart every day?

Cultivating Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude takes practice and cultivating this attitude is a worthy endeavor. It bestows numerous benefits. Saying thank you is only the beginning.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Express gratitude every night before retiring to bed by jotting down the things that you are grateful for, excited about and proud of.

Talk About It

Tell the people whom you love three or four things that you are grateful for.

Acknowledge Yourself

Comparing yourself to others, is never going to give you peace of mind. Instead give credit for all the small and big things that you have been able to accomplish.

Acknowledge People who Inspired you

Thank people who inspired, helped or supported you in one way or the other. Often those who play a minor role in your success are least acknowledged Start by acknowledging them.

Express Gratitude Every Day

Last but not the least, wake up every day and express yourself what you are grateful for. Each and every day would not be perfect. Focusing on what you are grateful for tends to help get rid of feelings of anger and negativity.
If you are finding it hard to start the gratitude process, simply begin by asking yourself " What could I be grateful for?"