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Common Limiting Beliefs That Will Keep You Stuck in Life

Priya Johnson
We must learn to see the glass half-full. It's not what we are that's holding us back, it's what we think we're not.
I'm not good enough
We blame everything on time. We will never have enough time. It's how you manage your time and what you give priority to that will make all the difference.
I don't have the time
You can't wait for what you want to fall into your lap. You need to get up, run after it, and seize it.
We tag ourselves ourselves as losers because of what people say or because of the past. No one is a loser. It's just a matter of getting that breakthrough.
I'm a Loser
I've failed a million times, I know I can't succeed. Failing is a million times better than standing on the sidelines and not trying. Failure is part of the journey to success.
I Can Never Succeed
Don't be afraid to try, nor allow the fear of failure to stunt your growth. How can you grow or succeed without trying?
You can't shoulder all the burden. You will reach several points where you will need to allow others to help you.
I can't ask for help
If it's meant to be, it'll happen
You can't leave everything to chance and destiny. If you want to achieve something, you need to work hard and earn it.

Believing everyone is against you or out to bring you down is an attitude that will hinder your growth. Let go of the past and move ahead with a positive outlook.

Everyone is Against Me
Following dreams is a luxury
Responsibilities at home are tying you down. You have too many people depending on you. Even then you have every right to follow your dream.
We often believe we should have started early in childhood to reach somewhere in the present. As long as it's today it's still possible.
It's too late for me now
There's no unachievable dream. You desired it so it's definitely worth pursuing. Don't wait for people to support your dream.
My dream is unachievable
People around us will always freely share their opinions and judgements. It shouldn't stop us.
What will people think?
It's not the right time
Don't wait around for the perfect time, because there will never be a perfect time. You need to decide if you want it and then go for it.
Yes, people are highly skilled. However, that opportunity may be tailored-made just for you. So don't stop trying simply because you think others are better.
There is always someone better than me
The more we play the blame game, the more we will stagnate in life. Take ownership of your life and move on.
It's his/her fault...
There will always be something you don't have. Avoid wallowing in self pity. Instead work on bettering your skill set.
If I had...
We don't have to do something because majority feels so. If you're unhappy about something listen to your heart.
Because everyone says so....
There's a thin line of difference between selfishness and self-preservation. It's important to think about your needs as well.
It's too selfish to think of me
"Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you." - Unknown