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14 Health Benefits of Smiling that will Inspire You to Smile More

Priya Johnson
Smiling isn’t just an involuntary reaction to something good or funny, it’s a conscious decision we make on a daily basis because its benefits are multifold. Surprisingly, smiling is the easiest, least time-consuming, least expensive remedy to most of our problems.

Smiling Makes a Good First Impression

Whether you’re on a first date, a social event or a formal business meet, a smile makes you more approachable. The next time you’re out, make a conscious decision to smile more.

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“Smile is the universal welcome” - Max Eastman

Smile Breaks Barriers

Want to be accepted in a new environment? Try smiling more! A smile is the universal language of openness and comfort, conveying emotions of trust and friendship far greater than words.

Smiling May Get You that Job

A smiling persona radiates positive vibes. Any interviewer when interviewing a number of candidates is not just looking for the most qualified, but the most suitable candidate who will be an asset to the team.

Smiling Increases Sales and Profits

A positive countenance encourages business associates to trust you over the others. Smiling sales professionals have higher sales. Smile, it increases sales and profits!

Smiling Makes You a Good Co-Worker

We can’t achieve goals on our own and need to work with one another to achieve individual and corporate goals. Smiling employees makes good co-workers and are better team players.

Smiling Makes You a Better Boss

Want to bring about a change in your team our company? Do you fear resistance? To ease the transition, smile when you present the changes. Your smile will speak volumes, it will assure your employees that everything will be ok.

Stronger Interpersonal Skills

Want to be a social magnet? Want to develop your interpersonal skills? Start smiling more! Smiling makes you more approachable and likeable.

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“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight” - Phyllis Diller

Mood Elevator

With every smile, the brain gets the happy signal and releases neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which improve your mood. The level of cortisol stress hormone reduces, thereby elevating your mood.

Smiling Tricks the Brain

This two-second act has the power to actually trick your brain into thinking you’re happy. The brain cannot distinguish between a genuine and artificial smile. This works in our benefit as any and every smile releases happy hormones in the body.

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“Smile, it’s free therapy” - Douglas Horton

Depression Antidote

Today, depression is an epidemic affecting over 4 billion people worldwide, at least once in their lives. Smile is a natural antidepressant with no side effects. Encouraging teenagers to smile more can help them combat peer pressure better.

Stronger Immune System

While we’ve been running after all kinds of superfoods to boost our immunity, we’ve conveniently forgotten about one that was always within our reach. Scientific research has proven that smiling stimulates cell rejuvenation which in turn improves the body’s immunity.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Clinical trials and scientific research has proven that those who smile more have shown to have lower blood pressure levels than those who smiled less. What a wonderful, budget-friendly, cost-effective, natural, side-effect-free way to lower your blood sugar levels.

Longer Life

In the relaxed state, the body engages in repair of cells. In the stressed state, the body is on high alert and does not engage in cell repair. The more you smile, the more relaxed your body is, the greater the rate of cell repair and longevity of life.

Keeps You Looking Younger for Longer

Stop chasing the long line of beauty products that promise to keep you looking younger. Make it a habit to smile more. It's more cost-effective and has no side effects.

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“Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.” - unknown