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Healthy Eating Habits You Should Definitely Adopt

Priya Johnson
Let's face it, we love our food and we don't have time for exercise. We know we must eat healthy, but we've jumped off the healthy food train too many times. Are healthy eating habits truly practical?

Wholesome Breakfast

Irrespective of the time you choose to have the first meal of your day, make sure it's a well-balanced meal. An egg, vegetables, and a portion of carbs will keep you full for longer.

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods like sausages, nuggets, etc. shouldn't be part of your breakfast menu. Stick to lean meats, fish, and eggs. If you love them, save them for cheat meals on the weekend.

Don't Skip Meals

Skipping meals results in blood sugar drops. Another few hours of hunger and you'll convince yourself into eating a bag of chips or a quick burger.

Soup for Dinner

Avoid having anything after 6 pm. What you eat before bed gets stored significantly as fat. Soups are nutritious and filling. Avoid creamy or canned soups.

Choose Proteins over Carbs

Avoiding social dinners is not possible, but what we can do is make smart food choices. Stick to proteins, soups, and salads. Avoid carbs like pastas, breads, and rice.

Opt for Barbecues and Sizzlers

When you dine out, choose wisely. Opt for restaurants that serve barbecued foods or sizzler joints over Italian, Indian or fast-food places.

Desserts are Occasional Treats

View dessert as an occasional treat instead of a mandatory end to every meal. Treat yourself to small portions of dessert only on special occasions.

Avoid Refined Foods

Biscuits and chips are the biggest culprits of binge eating. Don't fall for their light and enticing looks! They're unwanted calories.

Stock Up on Fresh Ingredients

Stock up on adequate fresh ingredients to last you for a week. You're more likely to order something unhealthy if you're out of food.

Order Smart

If you really do need to order food, choose salads, grilled meats, soups, or protein-based food options.

Avoid Ordering Junk Food Home

Ordering fast food home becomes addictive very soon. Keep pizzas and burgers as a treat you eat at the mall or with friends.

Avoid Liquid Calories

Most beverages are unhealthy, so best avoid all kinds of sodas, juices, and sugary drinks. Even natural fruit juices are high in sucrose.

Cheat Meals

Once in a while, it's alright to enjoy a hearty meal. Spread out the cheat meals during the month. Make sure the next few meals after a cheat meal are healthy.

Did You Know

Dwayne Johnson is known for his humungous, King-size cheat meals. He even posts pictures of these sensational monster meals on Instagram.

Be Wary of Food Deals

Online food services will always entice you with discounts. Only order food when you really want and not because you came across an irresistible discount.

Fill Up and Don't Starve

Eat until you're satisfied. Proteins and vegetables can be had in large amounts, so fill up. Starving will tempt you to binge and throw the towel on healthy eating.
"You don't have to eat less, you just have to eat right." - Unknown

Avoid Staying Up Late

It's imperative you turn in early every night. Staying up late will leave you hungry and vulnerable to binging.

Make Small Not Harsh Changes

Extreme dietary restrictions leave you craving for more and don't work in the long run. Make small changes that will become a part of your lifestyle.
"It's not easy, but it's worth it." - Unknown