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How Maintaining Work-Life Balance can Enrich Your Life

Priya Johnson Sep 27, 2019
We spend our lives in the pursuit of an ideal work-life balance; the perfect equilibrium where the different gears of life rotate in perfect harmony. Then why does work-life balance still ellude us?

Life is Not a Pizza

We commonly view life as a pizza, allocating each slice to a part of our lives, depending on the hours we spend on each. Work gets a large slice, while personal time gets a measly one.
After several, sincere but disastrous attempts to reduce the large work slice and increase the personal slice, we end up frustrated and defeated.

What's Going Wrong?

When we view life as separate slices, we’re bound to end in a burnout. Work is not a separate slice, but a part of our lives which merges with the rest of our family and social life.

Life is a Rainbow

View life as a rainbow, with each color unique, but still blending into one another. If you are to maintain work-life balance, change the way you view work.

Work is Not a Curse

We look at work as a burden, a family-wrecker and a joy-sucker. It's not an ulcer! Discard this notion.

An Integral Part of Life

Work imparts purpose and fulfillment to life. Besides meeting financial needs, success at work attains self-actualization.

Balance Doesn't Mean Underachieving

Discard the notion that successful people aren't achieving work-life balance. Balance doesn't mean settling for less.

Sacrifice is Misconstrued

If you entirely sacrifice your career, family-life, etc. for the other, you'll end up bitter from within. Bitter people don't make good employees or family or friends.

The Choice is Yours

Choose what you want in your present stage of life. Is it that promotion or do you want to focus on your family? Look within and ask yourself what you want right now.

Focus on the Bigger Picture

You don’t need to balance everything every single day. Meet the pressing need. Focus on maintaining balance in the long-run.

Work While You Work

When at work, give every ounce of concentration, respect deadlines, and work with passion. Don’t fret over success, it will follow suit.


Deadlines call for extra hours of work. Communicate your deadlines to your family. Once the deadlines are met, cover up for your time with your family.

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Plan family activities that show you care.

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Work Hard Party Harder

Guard your leisure time. Let nothing distract you from your personal time. While on vacation, be on vacation.

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Personal Time

Consciously set aside time for yourself. Pay attention to your health. Eat healthy and exercise. Include hobbies that inspire your inner being.

Set Practical Goals

Reduce conflict between work and personal life by setting achievable goals based on your life's current stage and requirements.

Consequences Follow

Based on your negotiables and non-negotiables in life, take a step back from work, family or social life. The bitter truth is that irrespective of the decision consequences follow.

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Just as the ocean never stops sending out waves, life will never stop sending opportunities! Stay Encouraged!