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How to Believe in Yourself and Overcome Self-Doubt

Priya Johnson
Believing in yourself is as important to your spirit as food is to your physical body. It's the essential fuel that keeps us sane in rough terrain.
How can you believe in yourself if you don't know yourself. Spend time in solitude and befriend yourself. What do you want, desire or dream of?
Get to Know Yourself
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How do you wish to live this one life? In sorrow and self-pity, or as an overcomer. Choose the latter and you'll find life worth living.
Choice is Yours
How do you like your coffee?
We cannot expect people to believe in us or spur us on. Be grateful for those that do, but don't expect it. Don't wait for that perfect person to come along, know and believe in you.
Stop Expecting
You Owe it to Yourself
We only get one life. As long as we have breath we owe it to ourselves to live life to the fullest. When we're happy we'll be able to help those around us be happy.
Life throws scary curve balls. Living a life of fear is debilitating. We can't control what happens in life but we can control how we respond.
You're Not a Slave to Fear
Consciously train yourself to 'not regret'. It takes effort but worth it. There's no point crying over spilt milk. What's happened has happened.
Avoid Regret
Journaling is a good habit and a good means to declutter your thoughts. Writing brings clarity and helps us know what we want, feel, and desire.
Declutter Your Mind
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Avoid Victim Spirit
The more weightage you give people's words and actions, the more it will weigh you down. You are not a victim and you cannot be victimized by people. Once you understand this you will be able to bounce back better.
Let Go of the Past
Past failures have a debilitating effect on us. Make an effort to let go and take baby steps towards the future.
Inspire your inner-self by dreaming and envisioning yourself in a glorious place. These dreams keep us going and give us something to work towards that's totally ours!
Keep Dreaming
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If you feed your spirit with doubt, condemnation and guilt, you're going to be just that. Invest carefully. Watch inspiring shows, talk to inspiring people.
Invest in Yourself
You are unique and tailor-made. Your talents and skills are worth applauding and enjoying. Be proud of your abilities.
Applaud Your Strengths
Hone Your Skills
Keep training yourself. Look for courses and workshops that will help you achieve your goals.  
Don't expect to have it all. However, if there's an area you can improve upon with a little help then work on it.
Work on Weaknesses
Stop Condemning Yourself
There are enough judgmental people around you. You need to shield yourself from all the negative spears, not use one on yourself.
If you are determined to find the good even in a horrendous  situation, you will save yourself a lot of grief and self-doubt.
Find the Silver Lining
Don't get bogged down when obstacles come your way. Every obstacle is an opportunity to learn and do something new. Embrace challenges and do not let them go to waste.
Use Opportunities Wisely
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If you give up every time you falter, you will lose a lot of precious time in the valley. Redeem the time. Train yourself to bounce back faster.
Don't Give Up
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You're Not a Doormat
You heard it right! You are not a doormat for people to wipe their feet on. You are a person worthy of respect and you need to respect yourself. It's alright to say 'no' or disagree with something you don't agree with.