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How to Deal with Jealousy

Maya Pillai
Jealousy is a bundle of emotions such as resentment, anger, disgust or helplessness that arise due to feelings of insecurity. lack of confidence, or fear. However, there are many strategic ways to deal with this emotion in a very diplomatic manner.

Causes Behind Jealousy

Lack of Self Confidence

It is when we doubt our abilities or skills we have the feelings of jealousy when someone else succeeds.

Fear a Root Cause

Being afraid of losing or rejection by someone you love is a root cause of behind jealousy.


One of the root causes for jealousy is unhealthy competition between you and someone.When you compete for someone's attention, trust and love you may fail in building a good relationship with that person.


When you have poor self esteemĀ  you are low on self-confidence. These make your insecure about a relationship and is known to be one of the strong reasons for jealousy.

You can Overcome Feelings of Jealousy

Build your Self Confidence

Weigh your strengths and weaknesses. Work on enhancing your strengths. This will give you the required self confidence which in turn will get rid of the feelings of insecurity and fear.

Stop Acting on your Feelings

When you start acting on the feelings of jealousy, it consumes you. Though you feel the feeling, don't act on it.Instead, accept the feelings and change the way you think and look at the situation. Be reasonable and wise.

Express your Jealousy Subtly

Communicate to your partner if he is doing something that is making you jealous, if you are in a relationship. You express diplomatically, with humor or even directly but with respect.

Avoid Comparing Timelines

You must understand that it is not necessary to achieve what the other person achieved. Your circumstances, situations and requirements would have been unique and different at that point of time.

Try to Put yourself Up

Trying to put others down is an act of jealousy and indication of weakness. The best way to deal with jealousy is to enhance your life tapping into your strengths.
Jealousy is a killer. It is badĀ  not only for your mental and physical health but also for others around you. Consider practicing mindfulness and gratefulness each time you have those jealousy pangs.