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How to Get Motivated

Maya Pillai
It is Monday morning. The alarm rings. As you reach out to snooze the alarm, what's the first thought that comes to your mind? Oh God! I have a long and hectic day ahead, or It's the first day of the new week! I am looking forward to get most of my tasks done."
Ask yourself, what is the driving cause behind the negative or positive thoughts about your day/week ahead?  If you are demotivated , then how to get motivated?
Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”
Wayne Dyer

Two Types of People

People are classified into two types. You need to figure out in which group you belong to.

People in Comfort Zone

There are some people who have no problem doing the same thing over and over again, whether in work place or personal life. These people do not enjoy their work but stick to it because it pays their bill. They do not have any life goals.

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People who Love Challenges

On the other hand, there are a few people who are positive, set goals and cross the hurdles and obstacles that the life throws at them with ease. These people constantly strive to progress towards something that enhances their life.
What these individuals feel like or don't feel like doing comes down to one thing. It is known as  Motivation.
Motivation is an the urge that drives you forward to achieve your goals and targets by finding means to overcome your obstacles and challenges.
It is a force that should be harnessed and diverted in the right direction if you want to enjoy the fruit of your labor. That is motivation is a flow that needs to rise from the inner self and spread out subsequently.
Motivation is not switch that can be turned on and off. Neither can you get motivated by simply reading aspirational quotes. It has to come from within you.  You need to create your self-sustaining motivational engine which will make your roles and responsibilities less cumbersome.
When you lose your determination to pursue your goals and dreams, you need to take time out to introspect, and analyze your emotions and behavior.

Pen Down How You Spend your Time

On a piece of paper, write down how you have been spending time for last 7 days. This will help you figure out where the chunk of your time is spend.

List Your Goals and the Steps to Fulfill Them

Goals are reached progressively. To reach them set timelines and benchmarks. Laziness can be conquered if you have a plan.

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Start Small and Let the Motivation Catch Up

Don't wait for motivation to get started. You break down your work into small steps and work consistently every day. Gradually, you will find things easier and fun to do. Finally, the motivation catches up.

Do a Goal Check

Talk about your goals and the steps you have taken to your close friends and family. Ask one of your close buddies to regularly check up on your progress.

Surround yourself with Optimistic People

When you spend more time with people with positive thoughts and attitude, their energy flows over to you and you are motivated to progress with your goals.

Compare Yourself to Yourself

Never compare yourself to others. This will deflate your confidence and plummet your motivation. Instead compare yourself to yourself and take account of how far you have come.

Be Constructive About your Failures

Setback and failures are part of your goals and dreams. When you stumble, take it easy on yourself and ask " What is the one thing I have learnt from this failure?"

Take Small Risks if You are Afraid of Failure

Goals can't be achieved overnight but through a series of steps. Unwillingness to take risks due to the fear of failure is a hindrance in achieving your dreams. Small successes will gradually evacuate those fears.

Silence is the Weapon to Overcome Fear of Criticism

One way to overcome fear of criticism is by not talking to people who are critical about what you do. Speak only to those who encourage you and tell you when you are taking a wrong direction.

Be Grateful for What you Have Got

At times when things are not going as you want them to, the motivation level would be low and you would tend to see life through a negative lens.
To continue focusing on your goals and dreams, and to be motivated, ask yourself what are the three things that you are grateful for and that you took for granted. This will help you get motivated.