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How to Improve Focus using Law of Attraction

Priya Johnson
Law of Attraction states that you attract what you think. Positive thoughts attract positive outcomes. To focus better we need to start thinking better.

You have all the grey matter you need to help you focus and learn. You are equipped with every good thing.
I Can
To focus better you need to believe you can focus better. Constantly reaffirm positive thoughts, telling yourself you 'can' concentrate.
I Am

Create a vision board for yourself. It serves as a constant reminder of your goals. Set it up at your workspace where you can see it often.
I love Studying/
Break up your work or study material into smaller sections and tackle one section at a time. This will help you gain confidence.
I Have a Great Memory
Spend time recollecting what you just read. Share the same information with a friend or repeat it a few times. It helps set the information in your long-term memory.
My Mind
 is Clear and Focused
Take short breaks in between. This will enhance your ability to focus. Walk about and get some fresh air, or drink a cup of green tea.
Choose to
Identify time wasters. Keep your phone notifications on mute. Answer only important calls.
I Am Alert
As you read, train your mind to pay attention to details. Allow your mind to be like a fishing net, retaining information.
Will Persevere
The journey comes with its hills and valleys. What's important to remember is to keep going.
I Can
I Will