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How to Improve Mental Health

A healthy mind is of utmost importance to win life and its problems!
Deepa Kartha
“Mental health...is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going” Noam Shpancer, PhD
Human beings often ignore mental health. Moreover, in many societies, talking about mental health is a taboo. However, this attitude towards mental health has seen a change in the recent times.
Importance of Good Mental Health
Good mental health is not just the absence of problems like anxiety, depression, etc. Just as we need to keep our physical body healthy to prevent diseases and illnesses, it is equally important to be mentally healthy to keep mental illnesses at bay.
Being mentally healthy means having the strength and resilience to diffuse the tensions and anxiety caused due to stressful situations in our daily life.
Good mental health does not mean you would not get stressed or anxious. However, it prevents you from breaking down mentally in the face of adversity. A healthy mind helps one to bounce back to life with vigor and energy.
Ways to Improve Mental Health
Just like physical health, building up good mental health does not have an instant solution. It requires time and patience to have a strong mental health. With consistent efforts, it is entirely possible!
Practice Gratitude
Research has proved that people practicing gratitude not only attract positivity but also are happier. When we practice gratitude, we become thankful for even the smallest good thing that happens to us, thus boosting our mental health.
Apart from helping you stay fit, exercising helps in the release of endorphins that boost your mood. If you are not keen on pumping your muscles at the gym, a walk or jog at the nearby park, a dance class or any other way of sweating it out would be great.
Be Mindful
The monkey mind jumps into a hundred things especially when indulging in physical activities like showering, walking, etc. Hence, it is important to practice mindfulness. Concentrate on the physical reactions and sensations while doing daily chores.
Have a Healthy Diet
Food is not just for our body but also for our brain. Hence, it is crucial to watch what you eat. Focus on indulging in a balanced meal rather than going on extreme diets. Do indulge yourself with your favourite things occasionally.
Talk to a Loved One
It is important for everyone to have a friend or a loved one as a confidante, a person to whom we can confide into. Talking to someone may not take away your problems but it would surely deflate your anxiousness.
Keep Company of Positive People
Choose your friends wisely. Cut ties with people who are too negative, and surround yourself with positive people who love and appreciate you.
Sleep Well
Sleep is hugely underrated. Lot of physical and mental issues can arise due to sleep deprivation. A good night's sleep is as important as good food and regular exercise.
To ensure that you have a good sleep, prep yourself for the night by sleeping at the same time every day, switching off the electronics at least an hour before sleeping, taking a bath and reading a book. Ensure that you sleep at least for 7-8 hours everyday.
Take some time off to do something for yourself. Your leisure time can be dedicated to reading a book, gardening, watching a funny movie, indulging in a hobby, meeting up with a friend; basically, anything that helps you relax. 
Enjoy Leisure Time
Help Someone

Helping someone gives you a feel good factor like nothing else. It need not be just monetary help. Volunteering at a non-profitable or charitable organization would also help you to find your mental peace. 
To ensure that your mental health is not affected by big or small stressful situations, it is important to practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation, etc. This would help your mental health in the long run.
Learn Relaxation Techniques
People tend to adopt habits like drinking, smoking and even using drugs when facing stressful situations. While they may provide temporary relief, these habits would actually elevate your stress levels in the long run. Hence, get rid of all negative habits if you want to stay mentally healthy.
Remove Harmful Habits
Get Help
It is crucial to get professional help if you cannot manage stress and anxiety on your own. A mental health specialist can help you learn and adapt methods to deal with stress, which would enhance your mental well-being.
The only journey is the journey within.
Rainer Maria Rilke