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How to Improve Reaction Time and Mental Focus

Priya Johnson
What is Reaction Time?
Time taken to  perceive a thought, process it, and act on it is called reaction time or time taken to respond in a particular situation.
Reaction time is critically important for those in the field of gaming and sports, where every second counts. It's also important for those working in emergency wings in hospitals, fire departments, security, etc. Let's find out how we can improve our reaction time.
During a game, you need to prepare yourself to be able to respond quickly to whatever the opponent dishes out. Analyze all the permutations and combinations and train your mind on how to respond.
Stepping Into the Opponent's Shoes
Responding to a sound like a horn, siren, etc. can be improved by practice. Timing ourselves and conditioning our bodies to respond quicker to an alarm, ring, or even to a situation can be simulated and improved upon.
Stimulus Response
Sit down in a moment of solitude, quieten yourself and try to visualize the entire process in your mind from start to finish. Visualize the obstacles and how you'll overcome them.
Spinach, kale, broccoli, eggs, etc. are foods that boost concentration and memory. Foods like nuts, fatty fish, dark chocolate are also good.
Eat Right
The higher alcohol content in your blood, the lower your ability to respond quickly will be. To ensure quick response you need to reduce alcohol consumption.
Alcohol Consumption
Fatigue and drowsiness due to lack of sleep will adversely affect reaction time. Ensure you get adequate sleep and rest so your reflexes can function at their optimum capacity.
Adequate Sleep
Drink adequate water and keep yourself hydrated. Avoid carbonated and sugary drinks. Infusing your water with mint leaves, lemon, and fruits is also a wonderful way to maximize the antioxidant levels needed by the body
Although video games are infamous, they have a few major benefits. Action video games help improve your response time and sharpen your reflexes.
Action Video Games
Set aside some alone time and use this time to introspect. It's important to declutter your mind and your thoughts from the scores of opinions being hurled at you by all those around you.
Alone Time
It's important to narrow down on which response you're trying to improve. Once you know what your goal is to, you can improve the response time by continually practicing.
Keep Practicing
Do something that inspires the inner you. Read books or watch videos of people who are successful. Take up a hobby that allows you to be creative and free.
Inspire Yourself
Learn a sport or instrument you haven't tried before. Learning something new hones your senses and inspires your inner being. You could even try a new dance style that will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone.
Learn a New Skill
A simple, yet effective way to sharpen your senses is speed reading. As you read a page, try to quickly grasp 'who, when, where, and what' in the first reading itself. This trains your mind to quickly grasp information in the shortest time possible.
Speed Reading
Engage in any kind of physical activity that you like. If you're not a sports person, you don't need a rigorous fitness regime. Physical activity not only helps the body but also helps stimulate the mind.
Physical Activity
Don't stick to the same routine everyday. Switch it up. Instead of running choose cycling for a change. Instead of cycling around the block cycle to a destination that's exciting. Shaking the routine helps the brain in more ways than you know.
Shake the Routine
The brain is like a muscle and needs to be exercised continually to function at its desired best. The best way to build neural pathways and connections is by constantly learning. Consciously make an effort to learn something new. It can be a language, cuisine, art, etc.
Keep Learning
The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice. - Brian Herbert