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How to Organize Your Life and Live Clutter-Free

Priya Johnson
No matter how many organizers we purchase, keeping them in order seems to be a Herculean task. If only our homes resembled picture-perfect magazine covers!

Organizer Shelves

Give Away Stuff

Climb to the top shelf and check the items you've stored. Will you be using it in the coming year? If not, give it away who can use it.

Let Go

Give away books you're most likely not going to read in the following year. Make space for new books. There are so many books left to read out there.
If only our shoe cabinet could look like this ...

Learn to Say Goodbye

Get rid of shoes you haven't worn or aren't in fashion any more. For every pair of footwear that comes in, let go of an old one.
To be organized doesn't mean you need to have OCD.

See-Through Storage Containers

Easy to find staples, spices, etc. and keep it organized.

See-Through Bins

Storing toys in see-through bins help children locate their toys easily. Easy to find, store, and organize.
If only we had a friend like Big Bang Theory's Sheldon to organize our closet for us. Sadly, we've got to clean up our own mess.

Baskets For Storage

Group Likes in Baskets

Put similar things in the same basket.
Associating colors with a set of items helps locate and organize things better.
Segregate baby onesies, socks, bibs, sheets, etc. in different baskets. Quick way to sort.

Maximum Closet Space

Closets with many shelves maximize storage space.
Maximize the use of hangers in the closet. Easier to maintain and saves folding time.
Store seasonal clothes in another cupboard, so it doesn't take up closet space unless it's needed.

Get Rid of 'The Chair'

Remove chairs and other prospective dumpsites. Put away clothes after use either in the laundry basket or the wardrobe.
"Cleaning and organizing is a practice, not a project." - Meagan Francis