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How to Relieve Stress and Stay Calm

Priya Johnson
Depression is the leading cause of disability today. Chronic stress is a silent enemy, pushing us into the pit of depression before we even realize it. While we cannot avoid stress, it's crucial we deal with it on a daily basis.
"Stress is caused by being 'here', but wanting to be 'there'." - Eckhart Tolle

Think of Life’s Happiest Moments

Triggering happy memories releases happy hormones, calming the nerves and relaxing the mind when stressed.

Avoid Social Media

Scrolling through people’s so called 'perfect' lives will dampen your morale even further. Reality is far from what’s being portrayed on social media.

Hug it Out

Hugs have scientifically proven to help reduce anxiety. Make sure you hug the right people, lest you be slapped with a restraining order!

Weighted Blanket

Filled with glass beads, this blanket uses the same principle of hugs. Wrapping yourself in it has proven to reduce anxiety.

Watch Inspirational Shows

Shows like America's Got Talent, MasterChef, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, etc. are inspirational. Stories of people's struggles and how they've overcome motivates us to keep going.

Fun Physical Activity

Traditional exercise is boring. Swimming, Zumba, Bollywood dance workouts, local walking tours, etc. are fun ways to get some exercise and reduce overall stress.

Try Something New

Once a month try something new. One-day workshops are great weekend activities. Sign up for a class of your choice like cooking, photography, etc. New experiences relax the mind and inspire our inner self.

Voice it Out

Talking and letting out steam is therapeutic. If it's difficult to open up to known people, talking to a professional counselor helps. They're bound by confidentiality.
"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it." - Lou Holtz

Join a Support Group

If you're stressed about something in particular, join a respective support group. Surrounding yourself by people who face a similar struggle will help you through yours.

Bucket List

Anticipating an exciting event stimulates positive energy. Make a bucket list of all the things you aspire to do. Simultaneously work on achieving these goals.

Company Matters

The people we hang out with have an effect on our mental well-being. Recognize and avoid people who weigh you down. Their negative energy is detrimental.

Count Your Blessings

Rather than focusing on what's wrong in your life, list down all that you're grateful for. Soon you'll realize life isn't all bad.

Nature Walk

Head to the park and listen to the sound of the birds, feel the cool breeze against your skin, and watch the clouds change shape. Nature soothes the mind effortlessly.

Stand Up Comedy

Laughter reduces stress and one easy way to laugh out loud is by tuning into some quality stand up comedy. Russel Peters, Trevor Noah, Kevin Hart, etc. are great comedians.

Floating Spa

A floating spa involves floating in a pod filled with water high in epsom salts. This therapy relaxes the body and mind.

Salt Therapy

Salt therapy clears the airways and increases the percentage of oxygen absorption, thereby alleviating stress and various health issues.
"The best of your days are ahead of you and not behind you". - PC Verghese