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How to Save a Marriage

Maya Pillai
If you feel that your better half has gone from being your best friend to a total stranger, you're inclined to think that your marriage is on the rocks. Your thoughts, energy, and attentions are directed at finding whether your marriage is on the outs.
Take time out to think what can be done to salvage the marriage. In most troubled marriages, there would be a spouse who would fight to save the marriage. Its is their personal belief that marriage is a life long commitment. This is a sign of good hope.

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Marriage is an institution and  intimate union between two people who have decided to live together. Sharing your life with another person is a challenge. To have a successful marriage it takes effort, commitment and love. And this holds true for reviving and a saving a marriage from falling apart too.

Make a list of all the issues

The first step to save your marriage is by making a list of all issues that concern your spouse and the ones that troubles or frustrates you.

All marriages have low points

Its important to look at how your spouse's moods or choices are impacted by your behavior. See if you can change your attitude and re-frame your choice of words. You may see a lot of difference in your relationship.

Reframe your Mindset

When you are miserable with your spouse, re-frame your mindset by changing your inner dialogue. This helps in bringing positive thoughts, help recreate friendship, allow acceptance and trust that was lost.

Remember why you fell in love in the First Place

When your marriage is falling apart, it is wise for both partners to recognize as well as remember the things that once they enjoyed doing together.

Recreate and Start Fresh

Whatever the issue, infidelity or an affair, consider giving a second chance and move forward together. In such cases, its important to accept the past and commit to a new beginning. It necessary to start fresh and recreate a new life.

Be open-minded

When you are annoyed with your partner, you tend to disagree with whatever he/she says. However, if you want to bring back your married life from the brink, you need to be patient enough to listen to what your spouse have to say.

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When you listen with an open-mind, you are not betraying yourself but taking a baby step in rebuilding your marriage on strong grounds.

Put your Relationship First

The partners need to be self-aware and should reflect their role in the relationship.

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Taking small steps such as spending time together,  going for a morning or evening walk , or having an the ice cream at a parlor will help in reviving the relationship.

You Should Still Go on Dates.

Planning date nights. Make time for "Couple time" without the kids. Planning a weekend activities minus the kids means you still want to reconnect with your spouse.

Don’t give up too soon

Each couple and situation is different.It may take a few months or in some cases years to save your marriage. It takes effort and commitment to solve difficult situations.

Get Help from a Good Marriage Therapist

At times the most effective option is to ask for help from a licensed marriage therapist. A good marriage therapist would be a neutral person who is supports as well as challenges both parties.