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Must-Know Law of Attraction Weight Loss Secrets

Priya Johnson
Law of Attraction aims to transform your thoughts before setting out to transform your body.
Once you've won the battle in your mind, weight loss is inevitable.
Appreciate Life Itself
Take a deep breath and be grateful for the life you have.
Fresh Air
Breathing in fresh morning air helps both the mind and body. It helps your mind declutter.
Words of Affirmation
Voice out words of affirmation in front of the mirror. This will help your mind and soul start the weight loss process.
I'm strong, bold, and beautiful. I'm proud of who I am.
I'm Proud of My Body
Be grateful for the body you have. It's perfect and unique. You are doing everything right to take care of your body.
My body is a gift of which I'm a steward. I love my body and I'm going to do my best to care of it.
I'm Content
We're happy with our physical attributes. We're satisfied with our body and aim to lose weight for a healthier version of ourselves.
I Will Dress My Best
Your body deserves to be treated right no matter how much you weigh. The present is ideal and perfect. Dress your best.
Right motives are conducive to healthy weight loss. Vengeance, bitterness or jealousy is detrimental. Your motive must be to be healthy.
Positive Motive
I want to lose weight because I want to be healthy. I choose a healthy diet and lifestyle.
I Have Options
You lose the battle if you feel healthy diet is restrictive and unappetizing.
Fun Physical Activity
Choose a physical activity that brings you joy. Exercise is only most effective if you enjoy it.
Food is My Best Friend
Food is not your enemy. Stock up on lots of fruits and vegetables. You have a large variety to choose from.
I choose to do everything in my capacity to keep my body healthy, fit, and strong.
Make cooking a fun activity. When you enjoy cooking nutritious food, you're mind is already set on the weight loss mode.
Cooking is Fun
Savoring every single bite of whatever you eat helps your mind enjoy nutritious food instead of only junk food.
I will Savor every Bite
Don't be hard on your body. Allow your body to ease into weight loss.
My Body is Precious
I enjoy the weight loss journey. It's a choice I gladly make.