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11 Neuroplasticity Exercises to Improve Brain Power

Priya Johnson
Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to grow, expand, and change. The more you exercise your brain the healthier it will be. Let's take a look at some exercises that will keep our brain agile for longer.
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Physical Activities
Physical activity has a positive impact on the brain and the rest of the body. Any kind of physical activity helps boost the brain's neuroplasticity. However, to fully avail the benefits, it should be a physical activity you enjoy.
Walking Tour
Spice up the regular walking exercise. Choose areas in your city you haven't explored before and walk around. Speak to a few locals, taste new food items and even take a few Instagram-worthy pictures.
If you run on a regular basis then try to change where you run. Whichever activity brings you joy make sure you spice it up to keep the thrill alive. Racing your family and friends can also be exhilarating.
If you love dancing, choose a new style you haven't tried before and learn it online or sign up for a class. Dancing releases stress and improves the brain's plasticity.
Go for a swim on a daily basis if possible. Swimming is not only a stress buster, but also enhances neurogenesis. To make it even more exciting look for lakes near you where you can go for a swim in the midst of mother nature.
Switch things up! That's the key to neuroplasticity. If biking is something you're passionate about, combine two to three passions in one biking trip. Pedal your way to your photography class, etc.
How is smiling a physical activity? Well, it involves you using 14 different muscles in your face. The brain cannot differentiate between a genuine smile and a forced smile. So make it a habit to smile everyday.
Take conscious effort to hug your family and friends. The physical act of hugging actually stimulates neurogenesis and brain development. It also destresses the body. So make it a point to hug more.
Acquiring New Skills
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
The brain never stops learning. We need to keep learning and acquiring new skills. This is not to gloat but to keep our brain healthy and in working condition for longer. When you pick up a new skill you're allowing your brain's capacity to expand.
One-Day Workshops
Introspect and look for hobbies that interested you as a child. Probably you loved painting but let go off it completely as life happened. Sign up for a one-day workshop and find out if it still makes you happy. If it does then make sure
Cooking Lessons
Cooking is quite therapeutic. Choose a cuisine you enjoy eating and sign up for a cooking class. Learning how to cook something you love devouring has multiple benefits. It helps you acquire a new skill, satiates your tummy and also exercises your brain.
Music Lessons
Playing an instrument looks cool, but it defeats the purpose if you don't actually desire. Choose an instrument you've always wanted to play. Choose a music genre you love listening to. It's all about spending time doing what brings you joy.
Adventure Sports
Adventure sports is the best way to get your adrenaline pumping. It combines the new with the physical exercise and exhilaration aspect. Go bungee jumping, paragliding, parachuting, snorkeling or even scuba diving.
Brain Games
If you've never played chess then sign up for a tutorial. Legos aren't just great for kids, they are beneficial to adults as well. Games build concentration and help improve memory. Engage in puzzles, picture games, etc.
Online Brain Games
The brain loves to be stimulated with something new. Online you'll find an endless variety of games and puzzles that will help train your mind. Download and play a few games. Once you get bored delete and try new ones.
Online Quizzes
We often overlook quizzes, however, quizzes aren't just for competitions. Choose and play a quiz on any topic you like. Online you'll find a quiz on any and every subject. Quizzes encourage your brain to think and help make new neural pathways.
Game Nights
Game nights with friends and family are a great way to improve the brain's ability to adapt. Games like Taboo, Kingdom, and even treasure hunts are great stress busters. Engage in word games, memory games, etc. that are simple yet exercise your brain.
Try a New Veggie
The markets are full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Choose a vegetable you've never eaten before. Research online and find out a recipe closest to your liking and try it out. This will not only stimulate your brain cells but also nourish your body.
If you love animals volunteer at an animal shelter. Choose an organization that supports a cause you love and volunteer your services there. Helping those less fortunate has greater impact on our brains that we can imagine.
Like it or not we have the ability to influence our brain's development in the positive or negative direction. Engaging your mind and body constantly will keep your brain healthy, productive, and stronger for longer.