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Practical Ways to Deal with Anxiety in Teens

Priya Johnson
Teenagers are going through a number of changes and challenges. Let's find out how we can alleviate their anxiety.
Spend time in honest conversation with your teen. Acknowlege their concerns. Don't dismiss or discount them.
Affirm Your Love
Keep affirming your love and support by hugging them and encouraging your teenager with words and actions.
Encourage, Don't Push
It's important you don't push your teenager. They need their space. Allow them to work at their own pace.
Keep Them Occupied
An idle mind is a devil's workshop. Make sure your teen is busy doing something or the other.
Identify the Trigger
Unless you find the root cause, you won't know what you're battling. Talk to your child or get help from a psychologist.
Weighted Blankets
Weighted blankets have scientifically proven to alleviate anxiety. Get one for your teen.
Physical Exercise
Plan a camping trip or hike. Engage your teen in any physical activity he or she likes. Exercise alleviates anxiety.
Nutritious Diet
Make sure your teen is receiving all the necessary nutrition. A healthy diet will ensure healthy mind.
One-Day Workshops
Encourage your teen to sign up for a variety of one day workshops. Pottery, jewelry-making, etc. are quite relaxing.
Raise Confidence
Enrolling your teen for a personality development or etiquettes class can help in many ways. It's fun and beneficial.
Try Something New
Teens love new experiences. Ask them to choose something they'd like to try. Exhilarating experiences reduce stress.
Get a Pet
If possible get your teen a pet to love and take care of. Pets are great anxiety relievers.
Walk With Them
Overcoming one's fears can be quite challenging. Assure them your support and be there as a constant support.
Set Small Goals
If math is the stress trigger, break up the subject into smaller units and tackle one unit at a time. Mastering each unit raises confidence.
Shake Routine
A change in the routine can get an anxious teen's attention. A surprise trip to the beach or a change in scenery can help relax.
Explore Nature
Fresh air, green trees and the sounds of chirping birds alleviates anxiety. Plan a nature trail or take part in forest conservation.
Family Project
Come up with a project you can all work on together as a family. Something that interests your teen.
Smiling releases happy hormones. Do anything that makes your teen smile. Listen and pay attention to their cues. Find out what makes them truly happy.