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8 Things Everyone Should know about Quantum Physics

Priya Johnson
As complicated and daunting as the mystical world of quantum physics sounds, it's intriguing how it’s a part of our every day lives in ways we aren’t even aware of. This complex field of science is going to revolutionize our tomorrow.

The Quantum Realm is Real and Not Limited to Marvel Movies

While quantum physics seems to be the latest hot topic of interest for fiction writers, for most of us our knowledge of the quantum realm is mostly confined to Antman and Marvel movies.

However, there’s so much more to quantum theory. The quantum realm is not make-belief, but a real-world that continues to elude scientists and physicists.

Quantum Physics: Integral Part of Our Daily Lives

Quantum physics is like the blueprint of life in a nutshell. It’s life at its minutest level. It's in and around us in more ways than we can imagine. 

Our computers, lasers, toasters, transistors, compact discs, etc. are all possible because of quantum physics.

Quantum Entanglement is the Future

In the movie ‘Ant Man and Wasp’, when Scott (Antman) entered the quantum realm and got entangled with Janet, a psychic connection was developed between them at their core quantum level.

According to the principles of quantum theory, atoms or electrons once in entanglement when separated over a distance still have the ability to share information at the quantum level.

Now as spooky and thrilling as it sounds, if this is true, it opens doors to a new level of outstanding possibilities.

This principle of quantum entanglement and probability is used by bank networks and other security companies to create highly secure networks secure from tampering.

As scientists, researchers and physicists delve more into this world, it’s going to open a whole range of possibilities we thought were impossible.

Quantum Physics is all about Probability

Quantum physics is the 2.0 version of classical physics. While classical physics has a predictable outcome over a fixed path, quantum physics leaves room for a number of probable outcomes, thereby increasing the probabilities of one course of action or thought.

Quantum Physics is not just used by Humans

The European Robin uses quantum physics to migrate and keep on track. Entangled electrons form a magnetic map that the bird’s eyes are sensitive to, which helps them navigate and reach their destination. How fascinating!

Quantum Physics: Bridge between Human Brain and Computers

The human brain’s ability to compute is simply extraordinary and artificial intelligence is constantly being refined and programmed so as to mimic the human brain.

Quantum computing involves a wide range of probabilities making computers more efficient with the ability to computing in a wide range of probabilities surpassing the ability of today’s classical computers.

Quantum Physics will help Understand Consciousness

The perennial puzzle of consciousness has even led some researchers to invoke quantum physics to explain it. The limitations of the human brain, its free will nature to choose and decide, etc. are being studied at length by scientists today.

The possibility that quantum physics could be the answer to the unexplained mysteries of neuroscience is exciting. If the process of thought generation can be understood, there are chances to uproot negative thoughts from the mind as well.

Quantum Physics can help Reverse Depression

Breakthroughs in the field of quantum physics can help us cope with mental illnesses and bring about effective treatments for depression and various psychological disorders that are an epidemic today.

Rehabilitation after brain injuries is also another area quantum physics is going to make a big breakthrough in. Quantum physics may just be the link between neuroscience and human psychology.

This field of complex science is extremely vast and difficult to comprehend. However, all we need to remember is that quantum physics is responsible for the current technological advancements and is the road to an even more efficient tomorrow.